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Unfortunately, the A. When an enemy gunman jumps out from behind or above you, your trailing teammates will identify and engage the threat, but it's a real coin toss whether they'll dispatch him effectively. I witnessed a number of firefights where my guys used an entire magazine to kill a bad guy from point blank range and many more where they stood rooted to the spot while completely exposed , ingesting round after lethal round of OPFOR fire.

The enemy A. Some will shoot from behind cover, smartly evading your team's return fire, while others openly stagger towards you in some ludicrous Night of the Living Dead impression. A cursory psychology model is in place here, but "suicidal" doesn't quite fit.

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These rag-tag Lebanese, Syrian, Iranian, and Arab radicals -- they're pretty easy to spot, just look for a turban and a scruffy beard -- are also quite the Chatty Cathys. As you near their "hidden" positions, they'll erupt into spontaneous Arabic conversation to let you know you're getting close. Even when they're alone.

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The brevity of the six-mission single-player game is the single biggest letdown. At the lowest difficulty setting, experienced FPS gamers can whip through all 22 levels in a mere four or five hours. You can double this by switching to "simulation" mode where a single bullet can end your life and send you back to your last save-game checkpoint , but the higher difficulty setting also exacerbates the game's many A.

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  • You pretty much have to crawl if you don't want to lose team members to their own incompetence. Mercifully, most of these A.

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    Playable over a LAN or an Internet connection, you can buddy up with three humans to replay any of the game's single-player missions against an A. The in-game lobbies are usually well populated, and the on-screen action is consistently entertaining and surprisingly lag-free. As an added bonus, you get access to a slew of new weapons in the Modified Co-Op mode. Destineer won't win any major graphics awards for First to Fight, but if you can overlook the occasional visual blemish framerate bottlenecks and shadows passing through walls to name two , the game still deserves kudos for its detailed character renders and impressive war-damaged Beirut backdrops.

    The murky lighting forces you to don night-vision goggles a few too many times, even in daytime scenarios, and, ironically, the bad guys don't seem to require any technological assistance to frag you in the dark. Patching can use the "xdelta" algorithm to reduce the size of the patch download. MojoPatch itself is a tiny program, so as not to bloat the download unnecessarily.

    Close Combat: First To Fight - United States Marines (INN News Reports: The Battle For Beirut)

    The UI is intentionally very minimal, yet accomplishes all it needs to do. This is free software, under the "zlib license". This license basically allows any use of the software, including closed-source and commercial exploitation; it is useful for me, I hope it will be for you, too.

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    MojoPatch is currently a Mac OS X project, but is designed with portability in mind, so it could be converted into a Linux or Windows application without too much difficulty. The Mac OS X versions of the Neverwinter Nights expansion packs use MojoPatch to both ensure the game is updated to an acceptable version and to install the expansion pack data.

    Running with Scissors uses MojoPatch to distribute Postal 2 patches. Probably other places.

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    Email me if you want to be listed here. What works: Patching, adding, deleting files and directories. Can create and inspect patch files from the command line. Stdio UI for console installs on all platforms.