How to create a group list in mac mail

How to create an email group easily in Mac OS X? Ask Question.

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Create a contact list

All I know is workarounds: Reply to an old email and adjust, Cut and paste the addresses from an old mail into a new email, store the comma-separated list of email addresses as text elsewhere in a contact's note? It would be nice if Mail. Typically, if you had many people from your Contacts you would simply create a group by following: Open Contacts. This is what you will type into mail, and will effectively be the name of your "distribution list". Go back to "All Contacts" and drag the contacts in that you would like to be in your group. Now, when you want to sent to that group, just type in the group's name and Mail.

Your list of email addresses must be comma-delimited.

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If it is separated by line breaks, then this likely won't work. So first we need them comma delimited.

How to create email contact groups in Mail app - Mac® OS X™

Now we will create a contact, and name it " 4Q Students" or something. Next, we will put our comma-delimited list of email addresses into one email field.

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I assume there is an arbitrary limit on how many email addresses you can put into one field, but I don't know from experience what that might be. Type the new "contact" name into a Mail. It will come up with the standard blue bubble and all those email addresses will be packed inside. To use a mailing list in Mail, you must first set it up as a group in Address Book, the contact management application built into OS X.

Setting up a new contact list in Address Book is easy.

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Select File, New Group and enter a name for the new group in the Group column. To remove a contact from the group, select the group so that the members are listed in the Name column, then select the name of the contact you want to remove and choose Edit, Remove from Group. See the comment attached to this hint from Beware of using edited distribution lists with Smart Groups!

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How to send an email to a group of contacts on Mac

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