Comment enregistrer une video facebook sur mac

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I'm not going to go into details on this part here, there are a number of comprehensive guides in many places, for example, here. If the page doesn't work, you can always google another one by "vlc download online video". Option 2. Vlad Nikiforov Vlad Nikiforov 1, 6 6 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

Option 3 is : use the playlist URL directly with youtube-dl, it is very simple! The entire solution works perfecto!!! All time I got when downloading m3u Tryed with youtube-dl, firefox extension, vlc player.. What can I do? Looks like a primitive protection from unauthorized downloads, where the server blocks requests where HTTP Referer header is not set to site name.

CURL is your friend: curl -O -e example.

As an example; this is how you can download videos with blob links on Vimeo. This method works well even if the filetype in the url isn't. Ioannis Drositis Ioannis Drositis 1 1 silver badge 5 5 bronze badges. Great tip! It seems that there's no need to download the m3u8 file - you can just paste the external url as the source.

Install the Video DownloadHelper extension on Firefox browser.

Télécharger la vidéo de YouTube Facebook et d'ailleurs gratuitement

With DownloadHelper activated, navigate to the webpage containing the video that you want to download. Once the video is streaming, click on the DownloadHelper icon. It will give you a list of all file formats available on the current video. Scroll onto the file format that you wish to download On the right hand side, you will see an arrow Click on that arrow to get more information regarding the current video and the selected format From the displayed window at the end of that arrow, scroll down and select "Details" You now have all the details concerning the current video and the selected format.

It is something like this.

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That's the url you want. Copy it and paste on your favorite downloader. Johny Flodder Johny Flodder 91 1 1 silver badge 1 1 bronze badge. There is always one, as that's how it works. It might have a m3u8 extension that you can type into the Filter. Give it to the youtube-dl tool. It can download much more than just YouTube. It'll auto-download each segment then combine everything with FFmpeg then discard the parts.

There is a good chance it supports the site you want to download from natively, and you don't even need to do step 1. Smartnaming is back: you can now again specify for given sites where in the page to get the video file name from, or choose an obfuscated file name for discretion.

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  • Try it: open Video DownloadHelper settings and choose Conversion Rules in the dropdown menu Variant preferences editing: as with VDH6, you can now reorder the variant qualities you want to appear at the top of the list. By default, you need to manually analyze the page from the add-on main panel for the potential galleries to be discovered, or you can change the setup to perform the analyze automatically whenever a page is loaded. Added right-click download commands: right-clicking into a page gives access to a Video DownloadHelper menu.

    From there you can request the download of a video playing in the page, or perform some top-level commands like opening the extensions settings or requesting the analyze of the page. Blacklist edition: it is now possible to edit the blacklist from the settings, in order to remove an entry that has been erroneously added, or add new ones manually.

    Blacklisting allows to ignore some video detections like ads based on their origin domain Settings reset: from the add-on settings, you can now reset changed values to the original settings. Display ETA in downloads: when displaying the running downloads section, you can now see the progress percentage and how long it takes to complete. Download directory setup user interface: for companion app downloads, you now have a user interface to select the download directory.

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    YouTube videos containing double quote character: the title was then wrongly reported Multi-line details values: when using the Details action, property value was displayed on a single line Fixed download of encrypted HLS streams using key relative URLs a zero-day bug No error reported on user download cancellation. It allows you to set the video quality according to your individual needs and extract audio from video files without any losses in quality or sound. Airy can catch your downloads on the fly if you integrate it with your browser.

    If you save multiple files simultaneously to your Mac, be ready to wait for some time until the downloads complete. By default your downloaded files will be saved to the Downloads folder. You can choose another location in Airy Preferences. But first, enable the develop menu. Open the resources tab of the web inspector.

    Télécharger la vidéo de YouTube Facebook et d'ailleurs gratuitement

    Look for a resource of the video. Its name is videoplayback in YouTube. If it doesn't show up, reload the page. Double-click the resource to open. Focus the location bar and press option-enter to download the video. Note that if you try to save the page, Safari only saves an empty file.

    This method will only work with Safari 7. For Firefox users it is recommended to check DownloadHelper extension. Start playing the video and click on the extension's icon. Choose the one you need and download it to your computer. Next time you launch Chrome, the message may pop up asking you to disable the extension. Click Cancel if you want to keep and use it.

    See more at: downloadyoutubechrome. How to save videos from YouTube to computer? The answer is easy. Once the video has been found, all you need to do is to choose the format that you want and click the button next to it. You also get the chance to choose to withdraw the audio from a video if you prefer — a feature you won't encounter in all online video downloaders.

    With this tool you can download video and audio with ease. All you have to do is allow if to access data for websites, read and modify browser download history or access the activity when you navigate. All these are normal requests for a tool that is saving YouTube videos on Mac and you have nothing to be worried about.