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I have a server and a client, both running ubuntu Both run ntpd. What might be wrong? I have ubuntu I am wondering when the update will be available automatically, that is, without me having to add some new software source in the update manager? I was wondering if someone could help me. Ever since upgrading from Ubuntu There is no pattern to it, it happens whether I am at my PC or if it is idle, it happens even with the Pcspkr module blacklisted and also happens on Linux Mint 10, Mint 11 and Ubuntu It also does not happen on Windows, so it IS a problem with Ubuntu I was wondering if anyone else.

Is there a way to download a deb file of it on another computer? Is it possible to install Ubuntu from another already installed distribution? I have a problem with Update Manager - where can I paste the long error report? I ve built ubuntu on win7. I can theoretically do 1. Are there any known issues with OEM install with I'm looking for software to help me study.

I want to create individual 'lessons' that consist of about 30 minutes of private study, and be able to define certain sequences in which they have to occur, and have them put to me at random. Any software that can do this? How can I see a list of recently updated packages? I'm pretty sure it was an update from two days ago that has completely messed up my internet connection. Does anyone know how to stop an error message that is constantly running, causing my ubuntu server to be unusable? After an update that installed, when I rebooted my system, it would only run in low graphics mode meaning no GUI.

Now that I reinstalled my system, how can I ensure this will no longer happen in the future? How can I tell which update crashed my system in the future? Any links? Lucid shows the package ubuntu-desktop with a lock symbol.

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What is the successor of the ubuntu-dektop package? Hey guys how do you find your Jump Drive in Backtrack? I say "Gnome" like roam.

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Why do Americans say it thus: "Guh-noam". Hey guys anyone got a thinkpad edge 11 and writes code using it? I wanted to know if the keyboard is comfy for prolong coding. I have have some apps but they dont seem to work. I was looking for an application with which we can select the clock frequenccy or clock speed of processor s on the desktop. Can anybody comment? Is there any consideration I need to take if I have a laptop that has two network conncetions. And I want to connect from Network A, to this laptop? We would really like to upgrade to Apache 2.

Is there a package available somewhere that I could just apply? What am I missing here. Hello, any Cubans living in the US there? I have a question I am using photorec, but it seems doesnt recover rare extentions si4, from scid. How do I adjust the pulseaudio volume from the command line? Right now i have no sudo abilities because my root group somehow got removed when i added myself to another group.

Hi guys, do you know who is running ubuntu infrastructure? Anyone to keep track of expenses in Ubuntu? You cannot enable wobbly windows in ubuntu Can anybody help with the audio quality in Ubuntu? I notice its not very good I can't find it on ubuntu. Thanks a lot. So to say, unfold the '. Hey all, anyone here with the switcharooo kernal module? Is that really where I want it?

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Hello, can anyone please help me! I just upgraded to How to install java plugins in ubuntu How do I restore the menu in Ubuntu? I want to restore categories i. Can someone help me out? I've been following a python tutorial trying to learn It's complicated! How do I setup mac like gestures?

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  8. I have two finger scroll woking, but no other gestures. The find command, can anyone help making one to remove all files found? I am hating banshee, any idea how to make i tunes podcasts work?


    Hello, i have a problem with my laptop and linux mint, i installed linux mint, everything is ok, but there is no sound, any ideas? Hello is there an German channel for Ubuntu. I have been using ubuntu Hello all. How do I create the executable from the makefile? Hey can anybody help me with an Ubuntu instalation problem I have?

    I just installed Ubuntu How can I fix it? Hey folks. I get some help with upgrading Ubuntu? How do I reduce the temperatures of my cpu and laptop in general. I am a Ubuntu newbie needing help with video settings under Xubuntu Would someone kindly help me?

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    Which wireless pcmcia cards are compatible with ubuntu How to do that? Not apt-get easter egg. What's the command to determine the Ubuntu version? Like individual mandate Obamacare, an agressive foreign policy, and the rest of Barack Obama's policies? Are you nervous around Black people but still like Obama's policies? Is there a special channel for issues regarding upgrading from Is there a way to specify which version of a package I want to install in Ubuntu?

    Specifically, packages. I'd want to have 4. I just upgraded to Ubuntu Is there an add-on? I need help getting Grub2 fixed. I had Windows 7 installed with two Gig drives. Somehow I managed to hose the Window's bootloader in the process, but could boot to Ubuntu fine.

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    I finally sat down to try and get the dual boot working last night, fixed the Windows bootloader, but hosed Grub2. I'm on the Ubuntu Hello everyone! This happened two to three times when watching a movie!


    It is very frustrating!