How to change itunes location on mac

It's a deeper commitment than a short-term vacation. What's the best way for you to prepare for such an endeavor? Well, the answer is simple — because your purchases are only valid in the country you bought them. Read More. Why does this happen?

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Similarly, not every App Store or iTunes inventory is the same, further fragmenting what many consider to be the least fragmented ecosystem. You need to have a backup plan, and we'll show you how to back up to iCloud or iTunes.

IPA files. Apps will update, music will play and your new purchases will be made in your new country of residence.

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How to Change the Country for iTunes & App Store Accounts

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I moved from Sweden to Hungary. I switched my iTunes settings accordingly with a new credit card. Yes, iCloud did not know about my Swedish purchases. However, if I tapped on the price tag of a paid app that I bought back in Sweden, iTunes told me that I can download that app free of charge.

I just read your comment and wanted to reach out to clear a few doubts! I will be shifting to canada soon, and would be studying there for a while. I am on the indian store right now, so I guess I will have to give up on a lot of applications. Changinc countries and apple id is just not viable because downloading all those movies to my mac would take up about 8 terabytes of space, and my family with apple tv on my account around the world would lose the movies. Hence i supposedly live in dronnigens glade america for Apple and dont have a payment method, but actually live in Thailand and use topup codes to manually add funds to the US store account I once would have agreed with this article about switching countries but now under iOS 11 all my previous movies have appeared and are available to watch once more.

I moved from New Zealand back to Australia recently. So basically one Apple ID is tied to one country. I have account balance in my account which I use it to buy iCloud storage and other apps from US stores. I am visiting for a month and I can download apps that are US Store - but there are few apps only listed in visiting country that are free, but cannot be downloaded without changing the country.

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If you have balance amount, one cannot change the country unless I make use of all the available credit. So I just gave up on downloading the country specific app and it ain't worth the hassles. I was about to purchase Final Cut Pro X, because i now have a job. As I live in south america I had to deal with this forcefully. The ecuadorian apple store just came into existence a mere years ago. Even tho they sold them in every store around the country. Luckily I had US issued credit card and went on pretending I lived there.

Until the ecuadorian app store spawned and I excitedly made the change. Why can't they do like Google and have a unique store that processes all payments and stuff?

How to Change Country in App Store without Credit Card? (2019)

I am sure google also must deal with individual countries and their legislation. I am a developer so i must have an iPhone as well as an Android device. One gives me problems, the other does not. Get on with the times Apple!! I would advise to create a secondary iTunes account. I do not believe a 2nd device is necessary as long as you dont mind switching id's.

See my write-up on subscribing to iTunes music which required me to have a 2nd iTunes account. If you download a purchase with one iTunes account and switch to the other, you will receive a message stating that you cannot download content to the same machine on a different ID for 90 days.

I ran into this last week. The upshot is, if you want access to your original purchases and use a new or country switched account, you'll need to download all of your original purchases locally first bye bye cloud usage. Interesting, when I wrote this article I don't think that was an issue.

How to Change iTunes Backup Location on Mac? – EaseUS

I guess this is Apple's way of combatting that? When trying to switch, it says I cannot switch to the US store. Everyone was is so excited about the Apple App Store. Well, I am not. This kind of method of acquiring and installing programs as we used to call "apps" in the good ole days is a i.

Change where your iTunes files are stored on Mac

Or, in other words: it sucks. Thank you. Really pleased it worked out for you. You do not have sufficient privilege to perform this operation. It's my computer, who is not letting me change things on it? Michael -- if you're on a Windows machine, trying running these commands in a Windows Command that has been launched with "Run as Administrator". Works like a charm! It is exactly what I was looking for to free up space on my C: drive. Thank you so much Aidan! Hi Kalveer, this message suggests your filesystem is FAT-based. I've updated the article to include a mention of why it's not possible to create links on FAT.

I've also included a link to instructions on upgrading to NTFS. Good luck! Awesome instructions, thank you! I think there is a typo on step 5 for Mac. Howdy Greg! Having "Backup" in the path should be correct, as it'll ensure the link that gets created is called "Backup". Makes sense? We've got something up our sleeves to make this a little easier in future.

Keep an eye on the release notes. You have provided a fantastic workaround! One thing I wasn't sure about was at step 3 Windows - when you right-click to choose "Open PowerShell window here" , is that in the Explorer window of the now renamed Backup folder? Eg, in the now-named "BackupOld" folder window?

What to do before you change your country or region

Hi Clint, thanks for your kind words. Aidan, I don't understand your instructions in How to change the iTunes backup location. We love hearing from users: why not drop us an email, leave a comment, or tweet reincubate? All rights reserved. We recommend 2FA.

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Built with in London. We use cookies to track usage and improve your experience. What you'll need In order to change your computer's default iTunes backup location, the following is necessary: Medium competency with a PC or Mac 10 minutes An understanding of the desired new backup location path A Mac running macOS Changing the iTunes iOS backup folder automatically The free version of iPhone Backup Extractor will automatically show you your computer's default iTunes backup location -- and let you change it.

Download and install iPhone Backup Extractor. Choose Preferences from the main menu Select Backups from the Preferences window The "Preferences" pane showing backup locations Click the Change button to start the process of changing your iTunes default backup folder.