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The app is very stable, too. I love it.

MacJournal is the most powerful journaling app on the market. For some people it may have too many features.

Day One free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Those folks might prefer LifeCraft or DayOne or whatever. I also like the wifi sync between my MacBook and the iPad version. I only hope that MacJournal continues to receive updates in the future. I am blown away! In both cases, I have never hardly seen an app that worked so fantastically from an accessibility standpoint.

Day One App Review

The interface is absolutely perfect! Considering I have some mental disorders, this app is going to be phenominal for keeping track of my most inner private thoughts. Thank you thank you thank you! You all just made my day! Thank you! Mac App Store Preview. I've been using Day One for a while now, and have even been working on migrating all my other journal entries from the past 14 years into the application.

Certainly a heavy-duty task I love it so much. I do most of my actual journaling on my laptop, but do a lot of reading and browsing on my iPad, and occasionally on the iPhone.

Dyrii - Private Journal/Diary App for iOS & Mac

One of the things I really love about Day One is the export functionality. It's great for peace of mind, especially if you're like me and are moving 14 years of writing into one spot. The application can make a very nice PDF version that's good for reading, and it also exports well into a plain text file. I only use it for text entries. I tried putting pictures in it every so often in the beginning, but in keeping with the journaling I've been doing for years and years, I decided to just stick to plain text.

And it works so well for that!

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We make a journaling app for OS X that offers better media integration than Day One for about the same price. Memories http: Furthermore we offer true encryption. Day One is password protected, but it is very easy to see the plain text of your entries when you go to the folder in the Finder where your journal is stored.

Memories uses AES encryption and your entries are really unreadable for prying eyes. I think that our export and import functionality is also superior.


You can export and import entries in over five formats and choose between exporting a single entry or the whole diary. Let me know if you have further questions about Memories or writing a journal on your Mac in general. We definitely try to scratch a different itch.

Our biggest shortcoming is that we still lack a mobile app, but the OS X version has a much richer experience. We focus more on media integration, preservation, and—as I already said—encryption. It would be great if you could take a quick look at our app. Otherwise you can always contact me directly via email. Comparing Memories and Day One: Memories has not been updated in year and the site's last blog entry was July Day One was updated last Tuesday, their blog is current and extensive. Memories does allow video and sound in entries but you have to add them on the Mac, the lack of iPhone app is the big downer.

I have used Evernote, MacJournal and some other but are back on physical notebooks of paper. Have noticed I write and sketch more in them. I get where you're coming from. Personally, I love Moleskine-type notebooks. Caffeine is a free utility that lives in the menu bar of your Mac near the clock.

Technically, you could manage this stuff in the System Preferences, but Caffeine makes it really convenient. Grab it for free in the Mac App Store. Dropbox for Mac. Download it here. Fantastical is by far the fastest way to schedule dates in your calendar. Living Earth is a neat menu bar app for keeping up with the weather on your Mac. It displays the temperature of your current location discretely, and clicking its icon reveals the current conditions and time of other locations you track. Instashare is a hidden gem. It essentially brings full Airdrop support between iPhone, iPad, and Mac.